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    User name Mike&David

    Log entry time 05:41:43 on January24,2002

    Entry number 80533


    We looked at the effect of increasing beam current on the position and the width of the pedestals for the veto detectors. Thbe runs used were as follows:
    1570- no beam
    1571- 1uA, 15cm LH2 w/rad
    1572- 5uA, " "
    1573-10uA, " "

    We plotted the pedestals for 4 detectors, 2 from the central part of each veto plane: VH32 and 33, VV22 and 23. As expected, the effect was more pronounced closer to the target. Below are pictured the pedestal region of the ADC for vertical detector #23.

    FIGURE 1