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    User name Jack

    Log entry time 16:16:48 on January24,2002

    Entry number 80573

    keyword=VDC oscillation

    Bob Michaels looked at the raw event data and noted the TDC in slot 18 of the
    Fastbus crate was the one with the noise. This is the card with the high
    momentum wires in it. Specifically, all the hits were coming on the first card
    of that TDC, the card on the high momentum end of the upper VDC plane V.
    It appears there is a break in the trace carrying the threshold voltage. The break
    seems to be under the power connector. I ran a wire from the threshold bus trace
    directly to the LeCroy card. Things seem stable. So, things were slowed down by
    our confusion about which channels in dataspy correspond to which physical
    wires of the VDC.