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    User name Reitz

    Log entry time 17:29:21 on January24,2002

    Entry number 80585


    Target vertical offsets were changed by 2 mm during the day.
    When beam came back, beamspot at nominal beamposition (BPMB=-2.0/3.5)
    was 2mm above the center, as it should.
    New standard beamposition is:
    **** -2.0 mm / +1.5mm **** (BPMBx / BPMBy)
    at this position data was taken:
    coda run 1602 / harp run 1482
    results of harp scan: (using survey from Oct 2001, should be reanalysed with latest one)
    1H03A x/y 1H03B x/y Target x/y
    -531/504 1969/1015 3046/1235

    asked for 4*4, resulted in 1.5mm*1.0mm on spot++ (coda run 1603)
    asked for 5*5, resulted in 2.0mm*1.5mm (coda run 1604)