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    User name jpchen

    Log entry time 18:48:51 on January24,2002

    Entry number 80590

    keyword=Target motion problem

    I was called in for target motion problem: target stopped in-between
    optics target and LH2 with radiator position (encoder 2831126) while moving
    from BeO to LH2 without radiator. Brake and error status were on.
    Clear Slected Record did not help. After reboot ioc, I saw the 1st up limit
    light on briefly. Tried to move again. It stopped at 3881729 (close to LH2
    without radiator), when the first down limit light on briefly. Then brake and error
    lights on. IOC crashed afterwards. After reboot ioc, I moved the target in position
    by type in the encoder value. Watched for a while and noticed the power fail light up
    twice and 1st up limit light once. Probably communication problem.
    Talked to Chris Keith over the phone and he will look at the problem tomorrow.
    For now, I'll suggest to move the target by typing in encoder position, but need to be
    very careful!
    At the meantime, the high power heater PID did not work. Chris made modification
    earlier. After talking to Chris, he un-did the change and it works now.