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    User name C. Hyde-Wright

    Log entry time 00:03:50 on January26,2002

    Entry number 80820

    keyword=Shift Summary, Swing

    Kinematics 2C
    16:15 raster total size is 2mm by 2 mm
    LH2 Magnet=0A, Endpoint
    run 1665: Q=0.012 C; T5=180k
    run 1666: Q=0.019 C; T5=260k
    LH2 Magnet=500A, Endpoint
    run 1667: Q=0.019 C; T5=254k
    LH2+rad Magnet=500A, off-Endpoint p=2.1290 thet_p=20.285deg
    run 1668: Q=0.003 C; T5=298k
    run 1669: Q=0.003 C; T5=298k
    run 1670: Q=0.003 C; T5=298k
    run 1671: Q=0.003 C; T5=296k
    run 1672: Q=0.003 C; T5=296k
    run 1673: Q=0.003 C; T5=296k
    LH2+rad Magnet=0A, off-Endpoint
    run 1674: Q=0.003 C; T5=293k
    run 1675: Q=0.003 C; T5=293k
    LH2+rad Magnet=500A, off-Endpoint
    run 1676: Q=0.003 C; T5=293k
    run 1677: Q=0.003 C; T5=292k
    run 1678: Q=0.003 C; T5=295k
    run 1679: Q=0.003 C; T5=294k
    run 1680: Q=0.003 C; T5=295k
    run 1681: Q=0.003 C; T5=293k
    Optics Target raster off
    20:30 Beam off, start tune to 4-pass
    Kinematics 4H
    22:00 Calo in 4H position
    22:20 Spectrometer at 14.572deg
    ramp to 4.278 GeV/c
    Q1 quench
    reset PreReg Fault downstairs
    23:00 HRS OK
    23:15 Q1 Quench
    Q2 trip
    Dipole lost lock when toggling momentum setting to reset Q2.
    00:00 Q2 restored Dipole almost (4.27 GeV) restored