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    User name A. Nathan

    Log entry time 00:03:42 on January28,2002

    Entry number 81066

    keyword=Shift Summary

    As the shift begins, we are about to start production running at kinematics 4E.
    16:15, all HV channels for veto are turned off;
    16:32, start production run @ 4E with LH2R target, beam current 30uA, veto off;
    17:39, kcoda and restart runcontrol during run #1786;
    18:40, kcoda again during run #1789;

    19:48, reduce beam current to 5uA, turn on all HV channels for veto;
    then further reduce beam current to 3 uA;
    19:58, start production run with LH2R target, beam 3uA, veto on;
    22:00, reboot target IOC;

    Altogether, very productive shift...