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    User name alan nathan

    Log entry time 00:01:30 on January29,2002

    Entry number 81148

    keyword=shift summary

    1. First hour was spent changing to the 4C configuration.
    2. Then a series of runs started to measure the veto efficiency at different counting rates. We are in endpoint kinematics, without radiator, magnet off. We use VV12 as our rate monitor and will investigate veto efficiency as that rate is varied from 0.5 to 3.0 MHz. We completed this series of runs (1811-1817) at 2000. This completes 4C(c)
    3. Started 4C(d) at 8 PM. Running with 10 uA. Completed at 8:30.
    4. Started 4C(b) optics run. Then went to off-endpt kinematics for 4C(g) optics run.
    5. Started 4C(e) RCS production run at 9:30 with veto off and 35 uA beam.
    6. Started 4C(e*) RCS production run at 10:42 with veto on and 3.5 uA beam
    7. Started 4C(f) RCS background run at 11:45 with veto off and 35 uA beam

    One helluva good shift!