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    User name Jack

    Log entry time 19:12:39 on January29,2002

    Entry number 81250

    keyword=VDC high voltage trip

    The VDC high voltage on the Left Arm tripped and would not reset. Although the
    set voltage was put at 0.0 volts, when the reset button was clicked the control DAC
    value seems to have remained at 4.0 volts. The initial current draw from the Bertan
    power supply was enough to trip the supply off. We went into the hall and set the
    current limit from 100 microamps to 1 milliamp. Then clicked the reset button for
    the supply. The voltages came up to 4000V on the VDCs. The current limits were
    then reset to 100 microamps. As soon as I am able I will talk to Pam K. about
    fixing this EPICS difficulty. This reset procedure should only be performed by a
    Hall A "expert".