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    User name Jack

    Log entry time 22:31:10 on January29,2002

    Entry number 81260

    keyword=VDC high voltage trip

    The high voltage supply on the Left Arm, for the "Top" VDC, tripped again. I set
    the current range to 1 milliamp and we tried to reset it. Again it tripped. I swapped
    the Bertan supply out with one that was in the Counting Room cabinet. This supply
    also tripped on the "A" channel, at 100 microamps full scale. I tried interchanging
    cables at the supply. Channel A still tripped. I interchanged cables again. Channel
    A tripped again. Each time a supply tripped there was no significant deflection of the
    needle on the front panel analog current meter. I interchanged HV cables at the
    VDCs. The supply has not tripped. I do not believe the problem has been fixed. I
    fully expect the Bertan supply to trip off again. This would be a trip of the "Top"
    VDC. I removed the Bertan power supply from the Right Arm Shield House. This
    Bertan is on the Left Arm Detector Service Platform, next to the two cabinets. If
    there is another trip we should swap out the Bertan power supply with the supply
    on the platform.