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    User name nsavvinv

    Log entry time 00:09:25 on January30,2002

    Entry number 81269

    keyword=swing shift summary

    finished 4F, started 4B, experience VDC HV trip and gas leakage problems (see below)

    16:00 starting the shift with no beam (MCC fixing vacuum leakage problem)
    16:29-16:46 run #1856 4F(f) (MCC takes the beam down due to a cavity problem)
    17:05-18:05 runs #1857-1863, 4F(f) LH2-Rad, Moff, veto off, 35uA
    17:15 gas leakage alarm doesn't get cleared for 5 minutes, paged Jack
    17:25 Bodo manages to clear the gas leakage issue
    18:00 VDC HV trips, paged Jack (halog entry #81250)
    18:05 stopped run #1863, the run is probably junk
    18:23 Jack and Richard are making access to the Hall to investigate the VDC HV problem
    19:09 moved the target to optics
    19:18-19:40 run #1865, optics (run #1864 is junk)
    19:48-20:44 changing kinematics to 4B (halog entry #81258). VDC HV tripped again while in controlled access (see halog entry #81260)
    22:24-22:36 run #1866 4B(b) optics
    22:52-23:17 run #1867 4B(c) LH2-No rad, Moff, 35 uA (10 uA)
    23:19-23:44 run #1868 4B(d) LH2-No rad, Mon, 35 uA
    23:50 moved HRS(e) to 37.728
    23:58 run #1869 4B(e) LH2-Rad, Mon, Veto off, 35 uA