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    User name gilman

    Log entry time 15:23:14 on January31,2002

    Entry number 81388

    keyword=fpp turning on and gas flow

    We (RG, Mark Jones, Gerfried Kumbartzki, Jack Segal)
    turn the FPP HV back on and look at the gas flows.

    - All HVs okay except chamber 1, channel 7.7.5, draws high current.
    Mark locates the problem module. The problem wire still needs to
    be located.

    - chamber 3, channel 7.8.5, trips. This is a 3x section.

    - We tweak the flows up for chambers 1 and 3x, but down for 2.
    Chambers 3uv and 4 are left alone.

    - Jack determines that the gas system is currently running on
    for ~ 5 minutes, off for ~1 minute, for ~84% duty cycle. He
    suggests not increasing the gas flow total above current levels.
    (Also, the right arm VDCS draw such small amount of gas turning
    them off will make only a very small difference.)