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    User name C.Hyde-Wright

    Log entry time 16:19:25 on February 6,2002

    Entry number 81997

    keyword=Beam Time Projections

    Kinematics 5A took 12 clock hours to complete (10 muA).
    Kinematics 5C took 15 clock hours to complete (15 muA)
    including all subsidiary measurements.
    My rough guesses are that the remaining 5-pass program requires:
    5E: 20 hours
    5G: 30 hours
    5F: 25
    5D: 15
    5B: 10
    Not included is EP and or ARC: 4 hrs, BCM (defer to 3-pass) 1 hr
    Kinematics 5E started 00:00 Wed Feb 6.
    Clock hours to Monday 11-Feb 06:00 shutdown is 126 hours, requiring 80% ABU
    for completion.

    At Wed 1:30pm scheduling meeting, Accelerator group expressed doubt that
    they needed the full 3 2/3 days Mon 08:00 to Fri 00:00 .
    The shutdown and maintainence was delayed 24 hours and shortened 16 hours.
    This impacted the projected target work in Hall A

    Current Schedule:
    Shutdown 06:00 Tues 12-Feb-02
    16:00 Thurs 14-Feb-02 Hall A lock-up (required for beam restoration)
    08:00 Fri 15-Feb-02 3-Pass Beam restored to Hall A

    Recommendation if we run out of time, can 5B, put keep high statistics on others