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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 22:32:30 on February 9,2002

    Entry number 82428


    keyword=T4 time offset

    As far as I can tell from home, the time offset for T4 is
    approx 500 nsec different from other triggers. The ratio
    of T4 rate to T3 rate has been stable for 1+ week, also there
    is only one time offset evident in the VDC data for T4, so
    it is not a double pulsing problem. Most likely there is a
    large shift coming from delay modules and cabling. I thought
    we would have checked T4 relative to T3 at start-up (we
    usually do), but perhaps T4 has a delay from old experiments.
    This seems likely since the T4 delay module's dynamic range
    is only 170 nsec -- probably a big cable, not a bad download.
    If you want me to come in and fix this, give me a page.
    This explains the shifted data in VDC time spectra.