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    User name B. Vlahovic

    Log entry time 16:04:49 on February10,2002

    Entry number 82513

    keyword=Shift summary

    We are taking the last run in 5B(e) kinematics.
    Run number # 2393 start/stop time 7:56-8:46, total events 301K, Q=0.039
    We have enough statistice so we moved to kinematics 5B(f), whic is different from previous for Magnet off
    Run number #2394 is junk, since high volatges are changed during the run.
    The same problem was with previous run, so we will also repeat Run 2393.
    At 9:00 accelerator is down-11:35
    At 11:50 we started production run again.
    Run #2397, start/stop time 11:57-12:28, total events=301K, Q=0.0366
    Finally we have now enough statistics to go to 5B(f) kinematics. So we turned magnet off.
    Run #2398, start/stop time 12:31-13:00, total events=301K, Q=0.0329
    we changet target for optics and ps3=1
    Run #2399, start/stop time 13:14-13:36 , total events=180K, Q=0.0431
    We completed 5B kinematics.
    We changed kinematic to 5H(b), HRS angle 19.221, momentum 4.28, calorimeter angle 46.0, distance 7.0 m, treshold=1200 and started new run with optics target, ps3=1, magnet off, veto off, trigersetup for 5H.
    Width of the leed glass pedestials is between 8 and 9.
    Run #2400, start/stop time 14:40-14:44, total events= 10K , Q=0.0049.
    Run #2401, start/stop time 14:46-15:06 , total events=106K, Q=0.0431
    Run #2402, start/stop time 15:07-15:32, total events=300K, Q=0.0345.
    Run #2403, start/stop time 15:33-15:52, total events=300K, Q=0.0416.
    Run #2404, start/stop time 15:52-16:02, total events=300K, Roc 4 crash.