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    User name E.Chudakov

    Log entry time 00:00:58 on February15,2002

    Entry number 82785

    keyword=Hall status and the coming program

    Feb,14 21:00 Starting cooling down the target
    The target might be cooled down by 04:00.

    The program is as follows:

    1) Optics studies
    HRSL - negative polarity (it is already negative)
    Sieve slit, optics target
    Thet=16.912 deg P=3.000 GeV/c
    50uA - 3h : prescale calorimeter to nothing

    2) Acceptance scan
    HRSL - still negative polarity
    LH target, no radiator, open slit
    Thet=25.052 deg, P= 2.735, 2.696, 2.657, 2.619, 2.580, 2.541, 2,503, 2.464, 2.425
    10uA - 300k T3 per point, prescale calorimeter to nothing
    Time estimate: 3h

    3) Flipping HRSL polarity to positive
    ramp down the magnets, call Ed Folts to flip the dipole , flip the quads

    4) Kinematics 3A (the calorimeter is already there)
    a) Calorimeter calibration: endpont, LH no radiator, 100k T5
    proceed with 3A

    Sometimes around 3)-4) we will insert the Moller measurements.