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    User name Roedelbronn

    Log entry time 08:12:44 on February17,2002

    Entry number 82933

    keyword=Owl shift summary

    00:17 Started run 2557 (p = 2.619)
    00:31 Started run 2558 (p = 2.580) The last run was only approximately 6 minutes long, but it took a long time for the HRS dipole to ramp to the new current.
    00:46 Started run 2559 (p=2.541)
    00:59 Started run 2560 (p=2.503)
    01:11 Started run 2561 (p=2.464)
    01:25 Started run 2562 (p=2.425)
    01:32 Shut down beam in preparation for Controlled Access to flip polarity of HRS dipole.
    02:40 Ed and I finished reversing the polarity of the HRS dipole. We switched to the optics target.
    03:39 Took a long time to get the HRS dipole magnet to desired field. Starting 3A(b) optics run
    04:00 Beam down for daily quantum efficiency measurement
    04:30 Switched to LH2 norad target
    07:25 Beam is down for an accelerator IOC reboot