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    User name Lingyan

    Log entry time 23:55:50 on February17,2002

    Entry number 82989

    keyword=Swing shift summary

    16:00 beam off; lower the calorimeter threshold to 700MeV, ready to take data at 3A(e) at 15uA
    16:45 beam restored, start to take data at 3A(e) : magnet on
    ---3A(e) runs: 2581-2586 with charge 0.015*6=0.090c
    18:50 take data at 3A(f): magnet off
    ---3A(f) runs: 2587-2588 with charge: 0.014*2=0.028c
    19:30 move target and take data at
    ---3A(g): 2689 with ps3=1, raster off: 100k
    19:40 ask for controlled access
    20:40 return to beam permit and take data at 3D
    ---3D(b): 2690 with ps3=1, raster off, 25uA: 100k
    21:09 take data at
    ---3D(d): 2691-2692 with magnet on, charge 0.035c
    the HV hv01 was tripped off at end of run 2691
    21:30 change the calorimeter HV and take data
    ---3D(c):2593-2596 with magnet off, charge 0.026+0.070*3c
    The calorimeter threshold was changed from 400mv to 570 mv after run 2593
    24:00 pass to next shift which will continue 3D(d)