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    User name Eugene

    Log entry time 19:16:53 on February18,2002

    Entry number 83096

    This entry is a followup to: 82986

    keyword=More on the previous Moller measurement

    The results quoted in the entry#82986
    were obtained with open attenuator and closed slit.
    The current leakage from Halls B/C was low - about 1%, however
    the beam current asymmetry was very high - about 0.6%.
    We also made a measurement with a different condition:
    slit open and strong attenuation. In this conditions
    the current leakage from Halls B/C was about 60nA, or 20%
    of the full current used for Moller measurements. The beam
    asymmetry was about 0.04%. The leak-through
    beam is polarized with the same sign as the Hall A beam, but
    the value of polarization was lower - about 60%.
    The measured polarizations are:
    Slit --closed 1.0% leakage: P= 76.6+/-0.2%(stat)
    Slit -opened 20.% leakage: P= 73.3+/-0.2%(stat)