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    User name Kumbartzki

    Log entry time 00:09:00 on February25,2002

    Entry number 4055

    keyword=shift summary

    Continue to accumulate data:
    runs 3066,3067,3068.3069,3070 first hour
    runs 3071,3972,3073 (FPP lost HV stopped run, gas alarm,restart Coda- all at once)
    Jack Seagal came over and reset in the gas shed the interlock system. Flow resumed.
    Before the pannel in the gas shed can be reset, the alarm in the gasmaster above the interlock pannel has to be reset.
    resumed with runs 3074, 3075, 3076,3077
    run 3978 at end TS2 was out, runn could not be stopped, ended with kcoda and reboot of TS2, run 3079 and 3080 no data taken or do not exist.
    runs 3081 - 3089 ok. Problem with Coda TS1 hang, Kcoda and restart.
    run 3090 does not exist.
    22:00 gas alarm, but no low pressure reset. 3094 Coda crashed again, just restart.
    22:20 gas alarm again (gas leak) reset. Monitor gas flow. At last alarm nothing had to be reset in the shed. 22:23 same alarm again. I last 5 min 3 trips!!!
    gas alarm keeps tripping without apparent reason-- paged Jack.
    (Jack disabled sensor, gas flow is fine).
    20:39 FPP ch.6 trip in run 3097 near the end (2 min before end)
    run 3098 started after FPP up.
    run 3101 at 23:28 FPP off at 23:32 up again.
    last run of this shift is 3103.
    Coda problem TS2 not responding again. run 3104 started without FPP 8.6
    HV back 00:05