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    User name sarty

    Log entry time 07:28:37 on May22,2002

    Entry number 3919

    keyword=Q3 (right) tripping: funny cryolevel readout problems?

    Note that Q3 (right) has tripped twice even since the recovery of the cryolevels
    this morning. The funny thing seems to be that the readout for "Top He Level"
    (when looking at the Q3 screen) sits steady at the low level of 27% after one of
    these trips (this readout we assume being the cause of the trip). BUT then it
    very suddenly recovers, and the "Top He Level" shoots up to an "ok" 50+%
    within a few seconds (and then the power supply can be reset).

    So the question is whether or not this is truly a low cryolevel, or a readout problem.

    Should bring this to the attention of Mark Stephens today.