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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:52:16 on January 7,2003

    Entry number 90772

    keyword=DAQ problems all fixed !

    The DAQ works fine now, I think. We made access and changed out the network
    hub in favor of a new switch on the Right HRS, this affected the TS0 deadtime.
    We also programmed the switch halladaq-cat inside the hall which is connected
    to the TS0 switch. We ran tests which showed the throughput increased by 3 orders
    of magnitude in speed. (Actually, I should have caught this problem before, sorry.)
    Work done by me, Dave Abbott, and Justin Smith.

    Regarding the fastbus errors in ROC1 that occur when running test code test_1881.o,
    Dave Abbott agrees with me this is a fake problem and he thinks it may be due to
    an imcompatibility of the software with the ADC firmware. But the DAQ runs
    fine a high rates and the data look ok, so.... lets use it.

    I recommend to use the buffered DAQ configs again
    LeftHRS -- buffered ** TRY THIS **
    LeftUnbuff -- unbuffered, as the name says
    RightHRS -- buffered ** TRY THIS **
    RightUnbuf -- unbuffered