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    User name Sulkosky

    Log entry time 23:46:09 on August 9,2003

    Entry number 109856

    keyword=y_tg Spectrum for Kin 8.13

    Kinematics 8.13, p_rHRS = 2.318, I_sep = 297.75

    At Kin 8.13 and a Septum current of 301.25A, the y_tg spectrum was centered at 2 mm. We adjusted the Septum current to 297.75A, then the y_tg spectrum shown in Figure 1 was centered around zero. The conversion factor for the Septum tune is now 128.45 Amps/GeV and has been updated on the white board. Now that the current is below 300A and the conversion factor is close to the expected value, the factor may remain constant. However it should still be checked every time the momentum is changed.

    FIGURE 1