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    User name B. Craver

    Log entry time 00:07:14 on August11,2003

    Entry number 110060

    keyword=8/10 Swing shift summary

    16:00 Begin shift waiting for beam.
    17:30 Request Controlled Access
    17:45 Hall in Controlled Access, Alexandre enters to check collimators
    18:00 We notice that the N2 level for the Q3 has dropped to 0.
    18:10 We page Scot Spiegel about the Q3.
    18:20 Still no answer from Scot, but N2 level rises back to normal. The stripchart
    shows that the loss of pressure has been occurring periodically for the last
    9 hrs.
    18:40 Alexandre exits hall and we request return to Beam Permit.