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    User name Eugene

    Log entry time 00:23:03 on August17,2003

    Entry number 111343

    keyword=Moller results

    Beam conditions: 2.235 (accel) , Wien angles 30.9o.
    1/2 wavelength plate was OUT.
    The beam polarization:
    Pz= -75.1+/-0.1(stat)+/-3(syst)%. - no leak through correction.
    Pz= -76.1+/-0.1(stat)+/-3(syst)+/-0.2%(leak)%. - with the leak through correction.

    The sign is opposite to the previous configurations because
    of the precession.

    The leakage from Hall C, working at 75µA was about 0.9%,
    at Hall A slit position of 15.18, att=600.

    No septum heating occured.

    Full information: here.