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    User name Moffit

    Log entry time 06:36:55 on August18,2003

    Entry number 111765

    keyword=Restart Xserver on adaqlr3

    Lost control over all of the windows and workspaces on the Target Operator screen adaqlr3. Symptoms: o Could still move around mouse cursor o Could not focus on any window, or switch workspaces o Text console on tty1 (cntl-alt-F1) was outputting an error message, but it was doing it so much/fast, that I could not read it. Cure: o On tty2 (cntl-alt-F2) logged in as a-onl, and killed (-9) the fvwm process. o Restarted Xserver with "startx" Hassle: o Had to restart all of the Target operator GUIs by logging into hacsbc2 as hacuser, and running hlamain. Everything appears to be functioning within established parameters.