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    User name A. Deur

    Log entry time 19:37:41 on August20,2003

    Entry number 112197


    keyword=contamination for kinematics 10:14

    Contamination for 10:14:

    Empty ref cell: I=8.9 uA, Rate=360 hz, %of coda events passing the analysis cut=20%

    pol 3He cell: I= uA, Rate= khz, % of coda events passing the analysis cut= 79 %

    -> we have 2% of events that are background, after analysis cut.

    With 40.12% and 76.1 % polarimetry and the assumption in the runplan that we loose 20% event from replay cuts, we are actualy taking 18% more events than expected.

    Since the runs are fairly quick, we decide to ignore this 18% gain