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    User name A. Deur

    Log entry time 00:06:16 on August24,2003

    Entry number 113038

    keyword=Shift Summary

    16:00 Continuing runs 3956/23955, kinematics 12:13, bhpw out 0 degree. Beam current is 9.5 uA. MCC said the can't give us more. We noticed that when Hall C is down, we get about 10.2 uA
    16:05 Stop runs 3956/23955: 2M events
    16:06 Start run 3957/23956: 2M events
    16:22 Called MCC to ask for bhwp IN, stop parity daq. Hall C has been notified
    16:24 bhwp is in now. Start run 3958/23957: 3M events, bhwp IN
    16:45 Start run 3959/23959: 3M events We had to stop left arm run early due to daq problem, wee separate entry.
    17:07 start run 3960 2M
    17:21 Start run 3961 start run failed Run 3961 is junk
    17:24 Start run 3962 2M
    17:40 stop run, stop beam, start rotating target spin to 270 degree
    17:46 Start run 3963 bwhp in, target spin at 270. Took 1.9M evts
    18:04 Start run 3964 Took 1.8M evts
    18:18 Asked for bhwp out. Start run 3965 1.9M events
    18:31 Start run 3966 1.8M events
    During the 270 degree running, we realized that the cut efficiency of 50% is actually 40%. So we will have to go back to 0 degree, same kinematics to take 4M more events
    18:45. Rotate target spin back to 0 degree. asked for beam down
    18:48. Done with target field rotation, ask for the beam back.
    18:49: beam back. Start run 3967: 1.9M events, bhwp OUT, target spin at 0 degree
    19:04: bhwp in. Start run 3968: 2.0M events, bhwp IN, target spin at 0 degree
    19:21: done with kinematics 12.13. Do a NMR, change rHRS setting to 2.318. Change septum current to 298.75 (readback). Moved to ref cell position.
    19:48: rHRS almost set. Ask for the beam back.
    19:53. Beam is here, rHRS set,
    19:54. start empty ref cell run 3969.
    Beam off for a few min so we take a 7 min run instead of 5 min (150K events)
    20:01 fill the ref cell with N2 (140 psig)
    20:02 start N2 run 3970. start run failed. Run 3970 is junk
    20:03 start N2 run 3971 843K events
    20:08 move to pol He3 position.
    20:13 Ask for beam back
    20:15 start run 3972. Kinematics 12.14. bhwp IN, target spin at 0 degree. 3.2 M evts
    20:39 start run 3973. 3.2 M evts
    21:01 start run 3974. 2.1 M evts
    21:22 beam down (RF problem. lost a zone. Maybe an hour down) -> we stop the run
    No beam until the end of the shift. MCC cannot give us a time estimate