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    User name peter

    Log entry time 08:01:36 on December18,2003

    Entry number 114569

    keyword=Owl Shift Summary

    Owl Shift Summary

    Shift Workers
    SL: Peter Monaghan
    TO: Alexandre Camsonne
    3rd: Luigi Lagamba

    00:00 Shift begins with problems with the BCM and Harp scans (see
    previous shift summary). Doug Higinbotham is currently working
    with MCC to try and solve the problems.

    00:30 Doug has returned from MCC to tell us that they can do a
    Harp scan - perhaps a software issue with our Harps. The BCM
    is not working and needs attention. MCC is having problems
    their fast feedback system which they are going to look at

    00:40 The only test we can do tonight is check the beam spot on the
    Be) target; moved target into position (at least it works!).
    MCC sending 5uA of unrastered beam; beam spot shows up fine.

    00:45 Checking the raster setting with spot++. Ended run # 1402
    (cosmics) and start another run #1403 check the raster spot.

    01:25 MCC has tried to set as small a raster as possible - it is
    showing a spot size of ~ 1 x 2 mm on Spot++; this translates
    into 1.6 x 1.45 (x,y) in 'MCC' units. We cannot make a
    smaller raster than this - run coordinator and others can
    decide if this is sufficiently small enough for the waterfall

    01:30 Moving the 'empty' target (solid 5) into position.

    01:35 We have nothing else to do this shift due to the problems we
    are having. MCC are going to work on steering the beam.

    03:45 MCC have finished their own beam steering studies and have
    nothing left which they want to do - Goodnight MCC!

    06:45 MCC puts Hall A in Restricted Access.

    08:00 Shift ends with nothing done and more work required in the hall today.

    Run Summary

    1402 Cosmic Run
    1403 Cosmic Run; checking raster size.
    1404 Cosmic Run; checking raster size.
    1405 Cosmic run; checking raster size.
    1406 Cosmic run, with RICH in trigger.