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    User name Markowitz

    Log entry time 21:39:08 on December18,2003

    Entry number 114584

    keyword=Overnight runplan

    From Doug Higinbotham:

    Thursday Night Run Plan

    5uA Unrastered Beam

    Keep an eye on the Septum temperatures!

    Once the beam has been returned to Hall and the position
    has been centered. With no target, we need to ramp up the
    right septum while making sure it doesn't steer the beam.


    Take the following steps:

    50A, 100A, 125A, 150A, 175A, 200A, 225A

    Remember the GUI is slow. Only enter a value once and wait.
    Also after each step pause for a few minutes to make sure
    everything is stable.
    (make halog)

    Once this test is done, you should setup for a momentum
    of 2.025 GeV (Isetpoint=92.58*Pmom for Septum) Cycle the quads
    when going up in momentum.

    Next do a quick check of the beam.

    Continuing with the raster off and empty target:

    Do Harp A Scans (you should see approx. 50um beam size at 1H04B)
    (make halog)

    Next put in the thick 12C target. Check septum temperature
    and the scaler rates. (you should be in elastic kinematics)

    Now do a bullseye scan. For the first point take a long run.
    (at least 250k, at least 25k for rest of the grid)
    Remember to also take a harp scan for each position. In total
    you need nine points on a -/+ 1 mm grid around 0,0.
    Repeat the 0,0 point at the end (250k).

    For each point log the position, data run number, and harp scan number.

    Be sure to look at all of the data with the analyzer.

    If this goes well, try setting up the raster again. Ask MCC to set the
    beam current limit on the raster GUI to 10 uA and then you should be able
    to get to the 1x1mm2 raster. Do NOT spend more the 30 min. on this.
    If they cannot make the 1x1mm2 raster, just use as small as they can give

    Next put in the waterfall target.

    Next turn on the waterfall target. READ the Waterfall Docuemnt First!!
    You should set the sliding bar to around 3200. Keep an eye on the
    HRS scaler rates. The tach should read approx. 900. The other readbacks
    do not work. Wait at least 5 min. for things to stabilize.

    Take at least 250k in this setup.

    The Hall needs to be in restricted access for Ed Folt by 8am. So please
    stop taking data by approx. 7:30 to let MCC get the opened up.