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    User name Markowitz

    Log entry time 21:44:33 on December19,2003

    Entry number 114637

    keyword=HRS problems

    Had problems cycling quads. left hrs does not respond to the software. Right hrs q3 tripped off. Got an access to reset, but needed to repeat. right hrs quads Q2 and Q3 now cycled and ready for beam.

    Left hrs software required calling in Pamela Kjeldsen and Javier Gomez. Pamela now working on software, Javier on the way in.

    Symptom showed up when we told software we had septum at 6 degrees. Putting any momentum in caused Q1 to go to 3500 A, Q2 and Q3 to both go to zero and D could not find a NMR (probe would also not switch).