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    User name Ole Hansen

    Log entry time 13:54:46 on December20,2003

    Entry number 114693

    keyword=Instructions for optics replay

    To do optics replay, I recommend to use the optics.C macro with
    corresponding configuration files optics.odef and optics.cuts,
    and the plot definition file optics.cfg.

    To run it, do

    .x optics.C

    Now you probably want to inspect things by hand, but when/if we've
    settled on standard plots/cuts, you can also look at the results
    with the GUI:

    .x online.C+("optics")

    To avoid confusion, optics.C currently creates root files with
    name /adaql5/work1/rootfiles/e94107_optics_xxxx.root. A link
    Optics.root is made in the replay directory to point to the last
    replayed file. The mechanism of passing the run number to the
    online GUI does not work right now with these optics files since
    the ROOT filenames are hardcoded in the GUI.