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    User name LeRose

    Log entry time 22:03:53 on December20,2003

    Entry number 114747

    keyword=Plot Commands for Optics

    Check and log these (and whatever else you think is interesting) at each p0 setting
    For reconstructed sieve: T->Draw("R.gold.th:R.gold.ph","abs(R.gold.ph)<0.03&&abs(R.gold.th)<0.065","")

    For focus check: (adjust the x cut to get just the elastic peak)
    T->Draw("L.tr.th:L.tr.x","abs(L.tr.x-.03)<0.03&&abs(L.tr.th)<0.065 && abs(L.gold.ph-.002)<0.003","")

    T->Draw("R.tr.th:R.tr.x","abs(R.tr.x-.03)<0.03&&abs(R.tr.th)<0.045 && abs(R.gold.ph-.001)<0.002","")