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    User name peter

    Log entry time 05:13:49 on December24,2003

    Entry number 115162

    keyword=Target flammable gas sensor alarm

    Following from the earlier HALOG entry concerning the alarm from the Target flammable gas sensor box, I spoke to Jack Segal on the telephone and he explained that the channel giving the alarm is NOT connected to any sensor. Thus, the alarm is bogus and perhaps due to faulty electronics or noise in the particular channel. Jack suggested emailing Mike Seely to ask him to take a look at it - perhaps the channel card may need to be removed from the motherboard in the sensor box. I have emailed Mike Seely and Doug Higinbotham (Run Coordinator) with details of the problem as Jack suggested.

    At the moment, we are unable to turn the alarm off as it continually trips when the sensor box scans through all of its channels.