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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 18:16:46 on January 2,2004

    Entry number 115261

    This entry is a followup to: 115188

    keyword=trig mods -- NOTE T0 change !

    A few more trigger modifications, and now I think I'm finished.

    NOTE: The T0 changed !! Time calibration must be re-done.

    1. The retiming (which defines ADC and TDC gates) comes from
    the S1.OR.S2 where S2 normally defines the time. In December
    it was simply S2. It is easy to switch between these configs
    (cable swap) but this changes the T0 by 1 (3) nsec on L (R) arm.

    2. Adjusted the widths for inputs to coinc triggers T5 and T7.

    T5 = T1.AND.T3
    ----*********--- T1 (100 nsec wide)
    -------******--- T3 (75 nsec wide, starts 40 nsec after T1)

    T7 = T1.and.T6
    ----*********--- T1 (100 nsec wide)
    ------*****----- T6 (40 nsec wide, starts 49 nsec after T1)

    These are still a bit "wide", we can narrow them during experiment
    if the conditions warrant.

    3. Misc issues

    a) Contrary to what I wrote before, T3 (T6) determine the timing
    of T5 (T7).

    b) I decided not to align S1 PMT timing since S2 determines all
    timing of all the important triggers. In the unimportant case of
    T2 or T4 where S2 is missing, S1 determines timing which may
    require different T0 calibration for this case.

    c) I decided NOT to allow the non-expert mode of trigger software
    to change the momentum dependent delays. Can still change these
    delays in expert mode. The non-expert version is what you get when
    you type "trigsetup" on atrig account.