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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 16:38:41 on April20,2004

    Entry number 118664

    keyword=Rich gas alarm when bottles switched

    Rich gas alarm: Oxygen alarm at 50 ppm, and headed rapidly north.

    Paged Jack. He responded quickly (Oxygen already up to 180ppm) to
    tell us the alarm was caused by him switching bottles. The
    contamination is measured outside of the detector itself; when
    he switches bottles, flow to the detector is cut off, so the large
    numbers (now 210 ppm) are only in the gas line, which is being
    purged. Those numbers will drop, and the gas flow to the detector
    will resume, when the line has been suitably purged.

    So, no worries, mate. Suggestion for operating procedure: a heads-up from Jack before this process is started would be nice. But whatever,
    at least we get to prove that we're awake in here.