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    User name J. Singh

    Log entry time 04:57:09 on April21,2004

    Entry number 118719

    This entry is a followup to: 118655

    keyword=beam stability for last ~30 hrs

    the beam has been unstable in a remarkably stable fashion over the last 30 hrs. below are histograms for time between beam trips (BEAMON) and time required for recovery (BEAMOFF). the time unit is seconds. if one models a beam trip as a square wave, then one complete period is the sum of the average beam on time (104.5 secs) and the average beam recovery time (50.8 secs), then the frequency is 6.4mHz. this is remarkably close to the frequency from yesterday's Fourier Analysis which was done with a much smaller data set (~1.5 hrs).

    FIGURE 1