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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 07:27:21 on June 3,2004

    Entry number 124534


    keyword=roc12, 16 frozen, reboot. Also adaql2 slow

    Run 1662 never started, it was a roc12 & 16 "freeze" (as usual).
    Reboot, kcoda, etc. Run 1663 ok.

    Another issue is that adaql2 is often running slow. The "X" clients
    sometimes paint themselves very slowly; the mouse has some long pauses.
    Using "top" it appears that memory is nearly exhausted and some
    swapping is occuring, but it isn't clear what process is eating memory.
    The deadtime is ok (13%) and stable, so we decided to leave it.
    I guess rebooting might fix it, but it would be nice to understand
    what is using the memory. Basically only CODA running there. We
    did logout/login but decided not to waste more time by rebooting.