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    User name Moffit

    Log entry time 22:07:56 on June10,2004

    Entry number 125275

    keyword=Access Activity

    David A. and I went to the Right Arm and checked the timing board.  On the scope, the delay between the end of the MPS settle time and the beginning of the integrate was the same as in the Counting House (22.8us).   Took a run to check sync... still off by 2.5us.
    Switched timing boards.  Still off by 2.5us.  This is a mystery.  
    What else could be wrong:
     o    The gate to the scaler is being delayed by 2.5us in the scaler itself.
     o    MPS to the HAPPEX Crate is being delayed by 2.5us.  I know that atleast a copy of the helicity signals is being delayed on purpose for the HRS DAQ... not sure about MPS.