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    User name Moffit and LaViolette

    Log entry time 20:45:35 on June11,2004

    Entry number 125391

    keyword=Access Activities

    Piotr ordered two new potentiameters for the left hand side and they arrived this morning.  I connected wires to them and was able to install them during the access.  These two new pots will need to be calibrated.  Also we thought it would be a good idea to change a wire that acted as a ground between the axis brackets and the motor power supplies.  I also did this.
    Went to the Right Arm and measured the reflection of MPS from the Right Arm Level Translator (which is the fanout for the HAPPEX DAQ) to the Counting House patch panel (un-terminated).  This measurement on the scope was 1.720us (round trip).  This also verified continuity of the cable.  I then plugged in a copy of the Right Arm Integrate gate to this cable (so that I could compare it to the Counting House Integrate Gate).
    Tried to do this for the Left Arm... but did not verify the cable continuity.  Looks like I either cabled it wrong, or it is not continuous.  
    A later log entry will present the result of comparison of the Counting House gate with the Right Arm Gate.