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    User name Moffit

    Log entry time 22:14:39 on June11,2004

    Entry number 125400

    keyword=Right Arm Sync Resolved

    Looked at the difference between the Right Arm gate and the Counting House gate.  It was 4.12us.  Subtracted the time for transmission (1.72us ) we get 2.4us (same as what the sync monitor was saying).
    Perplexed... Kent and I looked at the MPS that's sent to the Right Arm.  Turns out IT was delayed (before going to the patch panel) by 2.4us... and had a reflection.
    We tracked this down to a cable used by Compton to readout MPS.  This cable was moved from the P/S Level Translator to a Lecroy Fanout.  After moving this cable, MPS no longer looks to have any reflections going down to the Right Arm.  David Lhuillier ran Compton (compton run #8277)... and said MPS on his end looks all right.  
    Ran the HAPPEX DAQ (run #2037).. and it looks like the sync problem has been resolved.

    FIGURE 1