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    User name Armstrong

    Log entry time 16:38:01 on June12,2004

    Entry number 125459

    keyword=Please use this logbook!

     Please use this logbook for entering information! It
    seems that lots of important information is being conveyed
    in the counting house by word of mouth but not recorded in 
    the halog. For example, I overheard that someone was told
    by Dave Meekins not to exceed 19 gm/s of 4.5 K Helium from
    the CHL for our target. If this is the case, then it is a 
    change of operating conditions (24 gm/s was our previous 
    upper limit). 
      Please note such changes here in the halog, so that the 
    information is conveyed to the other shift workers.
      I know that it is rather chaotic right now, there is a 
    lot going on, but that is precisely why we need to use
    the logbook!