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    User name lkaufman

    Log entry time 20:03:31 on June12,2004

    Entry number 125467

    This entry is a followup to: 125439


    keyword=spectrometer magnet reboots or trips!!!

    As a consequence of having to reboot the left spectrometer magnet ioc (iocha14), the left spectrometer controls came up with the setting for no septum (see halog 125435 for a screen capture of the tools screen).  This means that the quadrupoles were focusing incorrectly for the input momentum setting they were given (see halog 125439).  
    The pull down menu on the spectrometer tools menu (little gray box) for HAPPEX, MUST be set to 6 deg.  Make sure this is done after any reboot of the magnet iocs.
    Also, if the magnets trip or are reset, the Dipole regulator MUST be turned off and turned back on in order for the dipole to automatically go to the correct current for the desired momentum.  This can be done by clicking on the button that is next to "FIELDS" and choosing the dipole NMR choice.  The Regulator may say that it is already on, but you must turn the Regulator off first - for a few seconds - and then turn it back on again if you want the dipole to listen to it.  After this, the dipole should respond correctly to the momentum input it is given.
    Javier, please correct me if I have misspoken in this entry.