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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 23:04:46 on June12,2004

    Entry number 125488

    keyword=beam modulation progress

    Beam modulation will not be able to start very soon.  The accelerator 
    software necessary to pause feedback has not been completed.  From
    our end, however, this software is almost fully ready (a small 
    interface problem is nearly solved).  We have set up to pass data
    to Hall B to allow them to mark data which is taken with feedback 
    paused, or separately, with energy being modulated.  
    The consistency of feedback with the Hall B pentaquark study has not
    yet been verified.  This will probably need to be determined 
    Run 2059 is an attempt to check the orthogonality of modulation, 
    but the energy modulation wasn't working.  This was operator error;
    really, the software worked, but my sleep-deprived brain asked for 
    setpoints in the wrong units.  Oh well.  We'll try this test again