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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 19:24:39 on June14,2004

    Entry number 125754

    keyword=phase advance near target very good

    Jay Benesch installed new optics today, and the phase advance is all
    we need and more.  Very nice.
    Shown below in Figure 1 are the responses in the 12x (dispersive), 
    4A and 4B x and y bpms. The third x coil and 2nd y coil have moment 
    in 4A but not in 4B.
    Also below in Figure 2 are the detectors and lumi monitor responses, 
    which are pretty cool to see.  I guess one can conclude that we need
    to change the coil strengths, and possibly select a subset of these 
    magnets, to maximize our sensitivity without driving the detectors 
    so hard.
    If there is a downside to the new optics, than it comes from the
    Compton front. Reports are that the background in the Compton 
    was significantly larger today than yesterday, although there was
    no indication on whether the problem was really the optics or some
    other change to the machine.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2