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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 11:48:48 on June15,2004

    Entry number 125849

    keyword=Auto FFB pause working

    A test of the automatic pause of energy and position FFB was done
    this morning during beam studies. Parity run 2161 recorded this test.

    Things work! I haven't checked the data transients around the FFB
    pause. Also, we are not fully on automatic dithering right now,
    because I believe that we do not yet have the final agreement with
    Hall B.

    One important side effect: if the dithering script is not killed
    after a dedicated dithering run, we will hose Hall B. Our duty factor
    is set very high because we are doing these dithering runs, so they
    will be furious if we screw this up. So, turn this off after the
    dedicated run, and check the next run to make sure that it is actually off (dithering is easily visible on the "dithering" or "target bpm" screens of the "happex" panguin).

    I'll post a new procedure soon, and hopefully it will all be replaced soon by automatic dithering.