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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 13:10:46 on June16,2004

    Entry number 125965

    keyword=Run plan next 36 hours

    Proposed Run Plan for next 36 hours

    Moller starts at 14:00 (after techs repair septum PLC).

    Swing shift does production. Dithering "by hand" once
    per 3 hours as explained in halog 125567.

    UMass/Smith crew may do ONE 10 min profile scan any time.

    Thurs 08:00: We put He4 target out of beam. Reduce flow rate from
    CHL. Hall C starts cooldown. We may run solid targets during this time, except there will probably be a 2 hour lack of beam
    8:30 - 10:30 (access at injector) and some beam tuning for Hall C (perhaps 16:30 - 18:30). When we do have beam, the proposed run plan to be discussed at today's 5 pm meeting:

    Alum dummy target:
    I.1 5 short runs to calibrate X-Y of profile scanner versus VDCs.
    I.2 A 1 hour run at nominal momentum. HAPPEX DAQ.
    I.3 A 20 min run at nominal momentum. Spectr. DAQ
    I.4 Go for P = +1%. 1/2 hour run HAPPEX DAQ. 10 min run Spectr. DAQ
    I.5 Repat I.4 with P =- 1%.
    I.6 Reset to nominal momentum. Short alignment check (spectr. DAQ)
    I.7 (time permitting): Remaining runs at nominal momentum, HAPPEX DAQ

    If there is more time:
    Compton test plan ?

    If anyone can think of more to do, let me know at 5 pm.
    We already did C12 Lumi and current calibration.