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    User name H. Benaoum

    Log entry time 18:57:17 on June16,2004

    Entry number 125984

    keyword=Lumi Widths versus Current for Carbon with 3.5x3.6 mm raster

    Normalized asymmetry width for blumis for Carbon versus Current for Carbon target with 3.5x3.6 mm raster size. 
    blumi1 = black color 
    blumi2 = red color 
    blumi3 = bright green color 
    blumi4 = bright blue color 
    blumi5 = yellow color 
    blumi6 = pink color 
    blumi7 = aqua color 
    blumi8 = green color 
    average lumis = brown color

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2