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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 17:26:27 on June18,2004

    Entry number 126214

    keyword=auxiliary runs (background, etc)

    Status:  We have the beam but cannot run He4 target yet because
    of Hall C cooldown.
    Runs to study backgrounds, etc.
    First:  Alum 20 cm dummy target.
    HAPPEX run 2249 .... Alum 20 cm dummy target ... 66K events
    CODA crashed, ROC23 died.  Reboot everything.
    Run 2250 ... Alum 20 cm dummy target (again) ... 
    Next we switch to spectrometer DAQ.
    Run 1141 ... Alum 20 cm dummy tgt.   No L-arm HAPPEX detector 
    because the relay is apparently broken.
    Run 1142 ... same as 1141 but more statistics.
    It was left running during the access to fix L-arm HAPPEX detector.
    L-arm HAPPEX detector shows up now.
    Run 1143 ... nominal momentum, Al dummy
    Now set the fields 1.5% too low to move the peaks to the right
    in the momentum scale.
    Run 1144 ... 1.5% low field.  Al dummy.
    Run 1145 ... short repeat of 1144.
    End of background studies.  
    Next we will take access to restore the HAPPEX detector for 
    HAPPEX DAQ (since remote switch does not work).  Restore
    magnets to L=3.009 and R=3.005.  Quads Q2 and Q3 cycled.