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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 19:28:15 on June18,2004

    Entry number 126235

    keyword=How to Start Beam Modulation

    Beam modulation is now being done automatically. It is necessary 
    for the data to be valid production data.  Check the "dither" screen
    of the "happex" panguin configuration, and make sure that the last
    supercycle looks reasonable.  
    HOW to restart Dithering if it isn't working:
    1) find or open the "greenmonster" gui, go to the "BMW" tab.
    2) Click "Check Status".  If dithering is not running, text
    in the window will say "Beam Modulation is OFF" and "Beam Modulation
    script is INACTIVE".   Click "start beam modulation", wait a second,
    and click "check status".  Beam modulation should now be working.
    Go check the panguin dithering screen again.  
    3) Also: go look at the "Counting House" ROC screen (if you know where this is).  Obvious error messages will appear here if the 
    dithering script is unable to pause feedback ("write denied", or 
    something like that).  page Kent if this happens.
    4) If the script should be running (according to greenmonster), but
    dithering is not seen, then somethings broken.  Page Kent.  If you
    can't start dithering from Greenmonster (you press "start beam modulation" and "check status" and the script doesn't start) then something is broken, and page Kent (584-5852)

    FIGURE 1