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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 23:12:43 on June18,2004

    Entry number 126250

    keyword=Will feedback on Hall C work?

    Added Hall C's bcm (scaler0_12) to default datamap as bcm10 (it looks
    like panFFB.db expected that).
    Remember that the low beam cut will look only at the Hall A bcm, so 
    you'll need to plot the Hall C bcm asymmetry with a cut on its own
    raw value. Also, the asymmetry will be filled with a default 
    garbage value (-1) when there is no beam in Hall A.
    hmmm... I don't think Hall C feedback is going to work.  Unless
    someone smarter than me has thought about this before... panFFB will
    only be using the Hall A bcm as a curmon, so when there is no beam in 
    Hall C, some garbage asymmetry will dominate any real measurement.
    We need to either run a separate panFFB for Hall C (I don't know 
    how to do this) or run a special version of pan with the ability 
    to handle this problem.